Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Soot and Smoke Damage in Brooklyn

The messy soot deposits on the floor and walls of this beauty salon in Brooklyn required professional attention to restore it to its pre-fire loss state. SERVPR... READ MORE

Flatlands School Water Intrusion

A split water pipe caused the water shown in the Before Photo during the night. The clean water, when vacuumed up the same day, prevents contamination of the sc... READ MORE

Water Line Break and Damage in Brooklyn

As depicted in the Before Photo, the public cafeteria was flooded when the main water line split and flooded the resilient tile flooring with plenty of liquid. ... READ MORE

Office Sewer Blockage in Flatlands

The restroom in this office building in Flatlands backed up following a storm and deposited unwelcome sludge and contaminated debris on the tiled flooring. The ... READ MORE