SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands Employee Photos

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Gerrianne Puntervold

Gerrianne Puntervold serves as the Senior Business Development Executive at SERVPRO of Mill Basin/Flatlands, a distinguished provider of property restoration services. With a robust 20-year background in sales and marketing, Gerrianne is dedicated to aiding clients in recovering from fire, water, or mold damage, ensuring their properties are restored to pre-loss conditions.

Her key strengths lie in developing and executing effective sales strategies, leading and motivating sales teams, expanding revenue and market share, and optimizing costs. Gerrianne possesses a solid foundation in marketing communications, social networking, and public relations, allowing her to craft and implement innovative campaigns that generate leads and referrals.

Gerrianne's objective is to apply her skills and expertise to promptly offer commercial property owners solutions for facility damages, mitigating the impact of business disruptions. Her focus is on expeditiously returning clients to their primary business operations while contributing to the mission of making the world a cleaner, safer, and healthier place.

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Ravendra Amit Persaud

Amit has been a Crew Chief and Lead Rebuilder at SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands, since 2017. He has earned the crucial NY State Mold Supervisor Certification, which enhances our footprint in this remediation service. Amit is IICRC certified in fire and smoke (FSRT), odor control (OCT), water damage restoration (WRT), and ASD applied structural drying. His construction experience spans over 24 years, significantly providing leadership in our build-back projects. He is involved with the UMA--United Madrassi Association to help better our community. He helps feed the homeless and also volunteers at homeless shelters. Amit lives in Queens, is an avid cricket enthusiast, and enjoys bike riding, swimming, and his family.

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Angelica DeSimone

Angelica is our Job File Coordinator at SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands. She is very efficient and helps to keep our office humming. She resides in Brooklyn and devotes time to her family when away from the office.

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Navendranauth Avi Persaud

Project Manager Avi has been at SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands since 2020. He has four years of experience in the restoration industry and is OSHA and Mold Remediation certified by the IICRC. During his time here, he has trained in water and fire and smoke damage restoration. Avi has seven years of hands-on construction experience, which greatly helps his work efforts. He likes playing basketball, volleyball, and cricket when not at work.

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Katieanne Burke

Katieanne has been an Administrative Assistant at SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands, since 2022. We are excited about the experience she brings to our team. Katieanne lives locally in Brooklyn and relishes spending time with her family and friends.

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Cesar Chai

Project Manager Cesar has been at SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands, since 2021 but has restoration experience dating back to 2018. He is WRT water damaged certified by the IICRC, completes tasks, and leaves the worksite clean at the end of the day. Cesar lives in Brooklyn and, when not at work, enjoys get-togethers.

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Terri Larkin

Terri Larkin is the Human Resource Administrator for SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands. Team Allen is excited to have her at our office. She has over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Terri enjoys helping people and creating a positive work culture. She likes walking on the boardwalk and has two adult children.

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Tom Blundell

Tom Blundell is an accomplished Asset Manager at SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands, and he brings valuable experience to Team Allen since joining in March 2023. As an Air Force veteran, Tom is passionate about giving back to the community and actively volunteers with the Knights of Columbus and Veterans of Foreign War (VFW). Outside of work, Tom enjoys spending time at the beach and pursuing his hobby of fishing.

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Landal Whitfield

Landal Whitfield is a Crew Chief at SERVPRO of Mill Basin, Flatlands and a Team Allen member since 2019. He has experience in fire, water, and mold remediation, holds OSHA and mold certifications, and is known for his positive demeanor. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and going shooting with friends.

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan is an employee at SERVPRO Mill Basin, Flatlands. He has worked as a Technician and recently got promoted to Crew Chief. His background in plumbing is an advantage for the team. John enjoys spending his leisure time with friends and family, going to the beach, and playing video games.

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