Photo Gallery

visible water covering floor, chairs leaning on wall

Flatbush Office Space under Water

The standing water on this carpet in a Flatbush office suite resulted from a broken water pipe in the restroom. SERVPRO arrived quickly and set up our truck-mounted pump to extract the visible water before any damage occurred.

equipment drying room, drywall removed by window

Mill Basin Flood Removal

The flooded Mill Basin home is in dire need of SERVPRO's excellent and speedy service. We extracted the water, and the Photo illustrates the drying equipment--air movers and an LGR dehumidifier--working to dry the pad and the exposed, semi-demolished wall.

primed white walls after demolition in a garage

Fire Demolition and Prep for Build Back in Flatlands

This Photo illustrates how SERVPRO strips a fire damaged garage in Flatlands to the studs in preparation for a reconstruction project. After total demolition and priming the exposed surfaces with a fire odor suppressing paint, we are ready.

plastic barriers, fans and dryings, bear wood sheathing on walls and floor

Brooklyn Water Drying Structure

SERVPRO set up containment barriers with poly sheeting and tension poles to quickly dry out this under-construction area in a Brooklyn residence. Our advanced equipment did the job--no need for demolition.

black mold in attic space

Mill Basin Mold Damage

The Photo depicts mold growth in this Mill Basin home's attic. Excess moisture from insufficient insulation allowed dormant mold spores to germinate and flourish. Our SERVPRO team can remove the fungi with our advanced equipment and training.

muddy muck on floor, mail bins on wheels

Mill Basin Flooded Facility

This mail facility in Mill Basin is shown with the muck covering the floors following flooding. Our SERVPRO team can respond quickly and use squeegees, mops, and elbow grease to remove the muddy mess. We can then clean and sanitize the storm affected facility.

gear in basement, office desk, wet walls

Flatbush Basement Storm Damage

The dehumidifier and air mover are completing the drying segment of the storm damage restoration service in this Flatbush basement office area. Our fast SERVPRO response was in time to salve the walls, though not yet completely dried.

wiped area of sooty wall

Marine Park Soot Damage

The grease fire from the kitchen deposited a sooty residue on the walls of the adjoining rooms. Special chemical sponges used by our SERVPRO technicians can remove the blackish matter, as shown in this photo. We minimize deconstruction.

hole shown in ceiling, second story, white door

Flatbush Water Leak Above Ceiling

The leak from the water line caused damage to the ceiling in this Flatbush ceiling, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO can remove the water damaged sheetrock and dry out the exposed substructure before drying up the damp area.

Third-floor living room with wet drywall under windows, wood floors, a removed baseboard, and two air movers operating in it

Third Floor Living Room Cleanup by New York SERVPRO Techs

SERVPRO tools can save New York living rooms like the third-floor unit with wet drywall in this photo. The team’s strategic placement of air movement and dehumidification tools can greatly reduce overall dry time and mold damage risk.

entrance to shop with books, equipment placed

Flatbush Water Damaged Retail

The book store in this commercial Flatbush building shows debris caused by a broken water line. The LGR dehumidifier and the air movers are completing the drying. Our goal is to preserve the shelved books in this shop from water damage.

flooded basement, unfinished

Groundwater Flooding in Mill Basin

The flow of contaminated groundwater from the flood required a rapid response from SERVPRO; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. With our truck-mount extractor, we can quickly remove the water from this Mill Basin basement and continue with the cleanup.

sooty covered walls

Flatlands Fire Damage Cleanup

The sooty deposits on the second-story Flatlands home left a mess to be cleaned up by our SERVPRO team. Luckily, there was no structural damage. We can remove the soiled residues from the house fire and restore this residence to its pre loss condition.

removed floor tiles in kichen area

Mill Basin Water Damaged Kitchen

The asphalt tiles in this Mill Basin kichen were removed by our SERVPRO technicians since they were lifting up from the subfloor. We quickly removed any remaining water to preserve the cabinetry and appliances. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

falling ceiling material and blistered paint on white surfaces

See Water Damage after a Mill Basin Leak

Water from a large leak can migrate and quickly cause considerable damage to a Mill Basin property. SERVPRO techs can inspect, develop a plan for controlled demolition, and eventually build back the water damaged walls and ceiling.

poly sheets covering interior of church

Mill Basin Church Water Damage

The leak from the roof started to wet the pews and assemblies in this Mill Basin church. SERVPRO responded immediately to tarp the breached roof and cover the interior to prevent ongoing water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

sheeting closing entrances, demolished ceiling and walls

Mill Basin Storm Damage Demolition

This house in Mill Basin was ravaged by a storm that penetrated the roof and soaked many structural components. SERVPRO dispatched a large crew to remove the hazardous hanging ceiling panels and some non-salvageable walls and tossed the contaminated carpet. Several dehumidifiers are continuing to dry out the storm damaged structure.

Hanging debris, fire damage attic

Flatlands Brooklyn Fire Damage

The house fire wreaked havoc on this home in Flatlands. Our SERVPRO customers were fearful that their home could never be restored to its preloss condition. Our skilled team can also empathize with our customers and neighbors and mitigate their stress as we begin to restore their fire-damaged home. Count on us to make it “Like it never even happened.”